Control Colors on Graphs

Sometimes the colors in the graphs can be hard to distinguish and are not on brand. It would be great to be able to change the colors in the legend, so the story we are trying to tell with those analyses are as clear as possible.

(especially in retention where every line is some shade of blue)

Thank you for sharing your Idea.

We are constantly iterating on the design of our features to make them more customizable and accessible for our users. I've submitted this as a product gap to our Engineering and Product Development team, and updated the status of this idea to 'In Consideration.'

It would be really nice if we could additionally obtain the legend colors to an event/people property.

We recently created a new pie chart with representation of two negative values and two positive ones. The color assignments were such that one of the negatives is green and one of the positives is red. Is there really no way to control this currently? Is it possible to rename the labels in some way so that they sort in a color order? Any other workaround?

@imanilea @skidder Thank you both for your additional feedback. We have gone ahead and filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team.

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@stephanie This was requested over 9 months ago and it’s still not implemented?

I have several charts where E.g. signups are a random color and user cancelation / drop-off is green…

It’s really unclear and unintuitive. Being able to change the colors of the graph is such a basic feature, can’t believe it’s not available.

I want to make my positive lines / bars green and negative red…

I’m a web developer, it’s not very hard to do and they clearly already have a color system that’s persistent and variable for each line as they can show the legend, they just need to make the color editable.

How has this not been prioritized yet?

@Lyckster Totally understand the high need for this idea as well.  Currently, we do not have a timeline on when this will be prioritized. 

I have also gone ahead and logged a product gap on your behalf with our product and engineering team as well,  in hopes of adding some fuel to the existing idea.


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Hi @stephanie ,

I would like to add something about controlling colors!

=> When we make 2 reports on the same dashboard about the same thing but with (for instance) a different timeline, the color for a given data can be different. Really disturbing.

I am sure it can tricky to freeze colors on such “breakdowns” as the values can change.
But it would really help.

Thank you

Have a good one




@Bastien Marot thank you for sharing the detailed feedback on wanting to freeze colors on a value so they are the same every time they show up in their dashboard card.  We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Design team. 

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Another reason to control colors is to be able to look at similar data sets with the legends maintained. A dashboard has 3 reports, that show usage of a feature by age For eg: 

  • Age band 1 (18-25)
  • Age band 2 (26 - 35)
  • Age band 3 (36 - 50)


3 reports to look at DAU, Engagement & Plans (Revenue contribution) . Without being able to hold the colors consistent in each report, adding them into a dashboard results in confusion because Age band 1 may be  blue in DAU report, and Age band 2 will be blue in the engagement report! Very confusing. 

Hello, was this issue resolved? I am sharing A/B testing outcomes with Mixpanel and need to freeze colors to align with the variants so that the reports are consistent. Right now the variant colors change from report to report which is confusing to business stakeholders when sharing the graphs.


Donut chart colors are inconsistent from one dashboard to the next. I have 4 dashboards. All found report on user screen resolution in a given product. I have an insights report that shows users with resolutions less than 1440px wide and greater than 1440px wide.

All fourth reports below are identical, each one on a dashboard in its own project, and each reporting on the same data.

  • It appears that the larger segment aways appears first in the key to the right of the chart.
  • It also appears that the large segment always gets the same color - purple in this case.
  • The color should not change based on data size, the color should remain static per data point.
  • The charts below, when shared across teams, are very confusing due to the color scheme.
Product 1 (> = purple, < = red)
Product 2 (> = red, < = purple)
Product 3 (> = purple, < = red)
Product 4 (> = purple, < = red)


I can see where this problem is not as simple as a color change, or adding a feature to let us edit chart display colors, but something needs to be done so that the users of this data are not mistakenly mislead.

Yes !! Having Control on the color coding of graphs on dashboards so that event name will have the same color across reports would be a great improvement. It would definitely be a lot easier to quickly read a dashboard without having to actively register "Value A is blue on this report, but is red on this one, and yellow on that one." 

+1000 for these ideas !!

Can’t emphasize how important is it for we are conducting many AB tests and each graph’s color isnt persistent 

Having this same issue when building a dashboard for A/B test results. I’m getting confused looking at the data and I built the whole thing! There’s no way my team will be able to follow this without carefully looking to make sure there are no mistakes in evaluating results. 



Yep.  I run into this problem too when presenting a story about the data.  My current workflow is to go to photoshop and manually edit the graph to correct the colors so that they stay consistent between graphs.  It’s just a little clunky.

^I am awaiting this feature. On a dashboard, while representing A/B test results, the 2 segments don’t have a consistent colour across charts. It’s very tough to read or share such dashboards to CXOs who are used to very high standards of consuming reports. 

It is quite ridiculous that after 2 years this still has not been solved. Being able to change colours for lines in a graph is an essential part of data visualisation.