Cohorting based on event a being performed more times than event b

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  • 6 May 2021

We have a SaaS product which we sometimes have trouble measuring the size of membership in the past, since we use “Is Subscribed” as a property that is updated at purchase and cancel event, we do not have a historical view of what this property was in the past for a given user. 

If we were able to build cohorts off of “Agent purchased subscriptions more times than cancelled” we would be able to see the growth and population of our product easily in a Cohort analysis. 

I have found other uses for this type of “Formula” based grouping as well. 

The other idea here would be for access to view the status of a property in the past. 

Other idea is using retention reports to determine retention of users, but since our renewals are annual, the 12 month limit on funnels and retention cause issues for us. 

Updated idea status SUBMITTEDIN REVIEW