Be able to post saved JQL report into Dashboards

  • 5 September 2019

"Connect JQL Report to Dashboard

Is there a way to connect saved JQL Query Reports to the Mixpanel Dashboard? Perhaps include them into a formula?

To give you a bit more context i wanted to build a retention analysis report that calculated the number of days between the user signing up and when they last used the app. The intention here is to get a sense of the average lifecycle as well as provide some color around churn. From what I see, there’s no way to do that with MP so I created a JQL report." - @sisrani original Idea post here.

I also have a use for this. I’m creating a jql query that tracks user sessions and duration. I wasn’t able to build this through the UI as all dates had to be lumped into buckets of day, hour, etc and I need to get exact timestamps of first event and then the duration.  My goal is to add this to a dashboard.