Be able to Capture Milliseconds on Events

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Our mobile app (client) is sending the events in the correct sequence. But the events are not logged in the correct order in the Mixpanel end.

I understand that there might be issues in the network latencies. But the client should be able to define the timestamp when sending an event.

As per client can define the timestamp in seconds but not in milliseconds.


Mixpanel should support receiving of events with milliseconds property.

Thanks for reading through."
- @ragularuban Original Idea posted here.

+1 for this feature, it would be useful for us to determine the order of events that happen quickly one after another when looking at a user’s Activity feed 


Having the ordering in the Activity feed and in Flows (like mentioned in the original idea) respect this event timestamp in milliseconds would also be very useful to us

@fpearsall We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Design team for review as well! 

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This is such a major miss and makes the flow report utterly useless. Also takes away from trying to understand a certain user’s path on the product. My miss I didn’t know about this shortcoming before we renewed else would have definitely switched to Amplitude. 

Can you please help make this a P0 internally. Please update $time to either take ms input or allow a custom property to be specified as the ordering property at the account level. 

@ashish.dua thank you for expressing the need for this idea. We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering to review. 


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Can Mixpanel provide an update on this request? It is extremely surprising (every time) that events do not include a real timestamp in addition to the time field.

Is there a recommended approach to generating a good timestamp from the time field? It looks like:

  1. I have to assume that the Mixpanel Account Timezone has never changed since the event time is shifted on ingestion.
  2. And that to get the correct time down to the second from an existing time field, I have to first convert it to determine the day of year it happened in the local timezone, and then add some number of hours based on daylight savings in that timezone vs UTC based on the day the event was generated. Is this right?

Can we also create a request for the “export pipelines” (at least Data Warehouse Export) to add a reference timestamp via some standard conversion? It already remaps property/column names. That would at least make it easier to deal with legacy data that will never have a real timestamp.

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We would also appreciate an update on this issue and whether Mixpanel have plans to address it in the near future?


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Updates? It’s been a while 

@jdbnyc @estherika @AbdallaEdres 

We do not have an update on this feature — right now many of our reports rely on the 2 second buffer. Can you chime in with how tracking to the millisecond would change your reporting workflow? I’d love to know more details on the issues that you have had to workaround due to this constraint. 


@jdbnyc —

The Mixpanel Account Timezone is according to your project timezone. The timestamp is recorded at UTC. Upon receiving the timestamp or date in UTC time, Mixpanel converts the time to your project timezone before storing your data. Have you seen this resource?


Please submit a separate idea so we can create a product gap for you related to pipelines — in that idea, please share additional information related to what you are experiencing and what you would like to change. Right now we record, mp_processing_time_ms in UTC (GMT) time with all events, which is not recorded in your project timezone — you might enjoy this QBQ post:

@cherise Milliseconds could give insight into more nuanced data about how a page loads and how events flow. It could also be used to profile usage characteristics about user behavior. If a user is interacting with a page very quickly it could be a signal pointing to bot traffic. Could you expand on the 2 second buffer behavior?

Nevermind I read your links and see what you’re talking about now :)

I recently started using the Mixpanel. And how upset I was when I saw that events came in the wrong order in which they were called. Then what's the point in the flow report? Are there any changes on this idea?

This feature is critical for us. We don’t only track user events, we also track page events triggered by our logic. These events can occur within a matter of milliseconds and having them ordered correctly is important for us.

We use server side event sending, and we batch the events before sending them. Is there a workaround that we could use?

@cherise @stephanie  It is must-have feature. I really think about going to the competitors, because 1 year is gone and nothing changed. Why don't you understand how important it is? Mixpanel without this feature it is like Ferrari without windshield. You can drive, but at 10% of the possible speed. 

Same problem here. Using the REST API, Mixpanel ist happily mixing up events, thereby creating duplicate users as identify/alias can appear in wrong order.

Did anyone found any solution on this problem to solve the issue of events getting logged in miss-matched ?sequence?

Not really. We force 1s delays between Identify, Alias and the first next Track. It prevents the biggest mess, but individual tracking events can still be mixed up.