Average elapsed time between two Flow steps

  • 4 October 2019

"Is it possible to know elapsed time for a given sequence of steps in a flow chart?

I know that flows converge and diverge but when I click on an event just a single path get highlighted. In that very moment the flow is identified so every users have triggered the same events, so technically it is possible to get an average elapsed time between each step or the whole flow from step 1 to step n.

Is it anyway to measure that or access that info?" - @RubenTJ - Original Idea post here.

"+1 for this feature. The single most important/telling metric is time. Time is universal, and widely understood, making it a great anchor for may reports.

Time to complete a conversion (or Flow) in a product can be tied back to business goals and revenue calculations.

If employees use a product to complete "Flow X," and we pay the employees $30/hour to complete 'Flow X,' and 'Flow X' generates $100 of revenue each time it is completed, we can easily increase ROI by making 'Flow X' faster. It would be nice to see if design tweaks are making 'Flow X' faster or slower, and thus, more or less profitable.

Flows would benefit from the ability to assign them custom values (such has revenue generated) and the ability to track variables (such as time to complete)."
- @jyoung@carekinesis.com - Original Idea post here.