Allow DAU/WAU/MAU to be displayed as a metric

I need to be able to add a report to my dashboard which just displays my live Daily Active User count. Similarly, I need metrics to be included which show WAU and MAU that are up to date. At present, if I use the pre-build DAU function in the Event/Cohort section, I am not able to then display that number as anything but a line chart.

I know there is a work around, where I can count the uniques, and add a filter on “Time” for the last 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. But if the logic is so simple and already exists elsewhere in the app, I shouldn’t need to work around anything, it should already exist. This has been asked in another thread, but was never responded to.


Hi @wtykidwell I’m going to change your post into an idea as it seems more of a workaround your using when you’d rather the out-of-box DAU functions etc give you a metric like below?


@Jaz-CommunityManager that’s exactly what I’m asking for, yes! It makes for a poor user flow when I find a “shortcut” to my active user counting, but then have to backtrack and do it the “long way” to allow me to visualize as anything other than a line chart (not even a bar chart?!?)

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Yes please, I lost a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it…