"All Users" Cohort in Insights

When you create a cohort you see the number of profiles, and if you want see the trend you will see how the number of users in that cohort has evolved along the days, weeks… But that is not happening with the cohort “All profiles”, that has no property or event, and it is always flat.  

Why I cannot see the trend for “All Profiles” cohort?

All profiles isn’t anchored to any events so it won’t show any peaks or troughs, just a constant number for your profiles. You can always see this view in insights by switching from events to profiles like here.

If you want to see user growth perhaps select an event like “app session” or “any event’ in the insights “over time” report?

Sorry I din´t explain right. 

Let me show the steps:

  1. You go to Cohorts and create a cohort with all profiles. 
  2. In Insights, you select that cohort but it shows the same value. Is is like there always the same number of users, but that is impossible. 

Take a look: https://mixpanel.com/s/3g6qYq

Hey @Ivan Muñiz (Muniz Agency) I think this is because the cohort is based on the user profile property which is a snapshot in time, it’s the same with switching the insights to analyse profiles instead of events, it gives a static number and no trend-line option.

I’m assuming you want to see profile growth over time? If so, I’ll change this post into an idea so we can submit the feedback to the product team as it’s not possible without hinging the group to an event.

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