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  • 8 March 2021

Is it possible to add QAU (quarterly active users) to the “Count Users” feature? We are b2b company who expects engagements on a quarterly basis, not monthly, weekly or daily.


Updated idea status SUBMITTEDIN REVIEW

@Jaz-CommunityManager does in review mean the request has been accepted?

@samanthasalustri Does something like this work? This counts the unique number of users that did “event” on a quarterly basis: 


@moinakb not quite because we need Quarterly Active Users in a formula. For instance,  # of videos watched divided by Quarterly Active Users. We are trying to measure how engaged our b2b users are on a quarterly level.


# of videos watched in a quarter / # unique users who watched a video in a quarter?

This is good feedback because we’ve thought about adding more flexibility in the “count users” piece (albeit with a different solution).

If I can count users in last 90 days (or however else you decide to make it more flexible), I’m all for that.



Does the last view get you what you need for now?

@samanthasalustri In review means I’ve submitted your idea to the Product Management team, @moinakb is a Mixpanel product manager so the detail you’ve shared here with him is super-helpful!


@moinakb The most recent view you’ve shared is a potential hack for us to get our quarterly engagement metrics-- thanks!

And thanks,  @Jaz-CommunityManager , for your response!