Ability to select the 'current month' as a time period in the "Insights" report

It's surprising that I'm not able to select 'current month' or 'this month' as an option to run an Insights report for.

Example: If I decide on July 15, 2019 that I want to set up a report to show all data for an event that was tracked in July 2019 (with the expectation of looking at the report on subsequent days within July 2019, and at later times after July 2019), I'm only able to select 'between July 1 and 15' and would need to change it in the report on future days to select a later date in July 2019 as the 'end date.'

Current options:

Another option is allowing for the selection of a future date, such as on July 15, 2019 being able to select July 31, 2019 as the 'end date'

@lonnie Thank you for sharing this detailed feedback on our Insights report! We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team. Make sure you are following this Idea - via the button in the upper right hand corner - to get emailed updates on its progress.



Seems like it would be trivial to implement and also super-useful to many - potentially relevant to any report where you need to track behaviors and stats throughout the month. Thanks!

+1  I had the ability to do this in the past.  A recent change to filters removed the ability to enter a future date.  Ideally I would like to set a date range for the current quarter.