Ability to Include Formulas / Metrics as Columns in Tables Instead of Top Level Rows

  • 19 October 2020

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to submit this idea because we found the current Mixpanel table implementation to be a little clunky when trying to analyze different marketing sources and their performances.


Basically, we’re suggesting adding the ability to include metrics / formulas as column headers and show their values on the right most side of the table. This would push the breakdowns over to the left most side of the table.


Proposed Table Format


We believe this will greatly help with readability of tables. Currently, we have to copy the id of the ad and CTRL+F search it to jump around the table and see the appropriate values across every formula. This becomes nearly impossible when you have hundreds of ads running at once. It becomes even more confusing when you attempt to sort by the existing “Value” column. All of the values become intertwined and hard to parse through. Having the different formulas in the header would make sorting invaluable.


How Table’s Currently Look When Sorted


Basically all advertising dashboard show breakdowns in a column-like fashion and it would be very helpful to replicate that functionality in Mixpanel. I don’t imagine it would be too difficult because the underlying values in the tables wouldn’t change, it would just require reordering of the content.


Let me know what you think!

Have the same needs. Any updates on this?