A marketing tool built on top of mixpanel

  • 14 February 2019

It would be really awesome to be able to use the power of Mixpanel and the data stored in it and use in for marketing using different platforms like email, sms & push notifications. Currently mixpanel do support sending out emails but that cannot be used as a full fledged marketing tool.

Perhaps another app linked to mixpanel where the data already stored in it can be used for marketing to replace tools like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign.

Hi @prolific,

Stephanie here from the Community!

There is a popular Mixpanel and Mailchimp integration with Zapier. Zapier has a built in 'Code' app that incorporates Mixpanel into a Mailchimp integration with some Python and Zapier's simplified requests code. Any service that is able to deliver a JSON payload via webhook can be used to send events or people updates to a Mixpanel project. The integration tracks a couple of things:

  • A current subscriber unsubscribes from a MailChimp list
  • Zapier updates/creates a people profile in Mixpanel

Another way to send Mixpanel messages using Mailchimp is to use a Mixpanel Webhook. A webhook can act as a notification that will send a POST request to a URL as users meet pre-determined campaign criteria. The webhook will be sent to the specified URL containing a list of users that satisfy the campaign criteria.

Does this help achieve what you were looking for? If not, to get all the details of your use case, would you mind elaborating more on what you are envisioning? We would appreciate as much detail as possible!