What to do about the limit of 500 distinct ids per user?

  • 25 June 2021
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In our iOS app, users login and logout frequently. On login we call identify() and on logout we call reset(). In the logged out state, users can perform some actions that are tracked by Mixpanel using anonymous user id. When they later login, the identify() call merges this anonymous user id with their real user id. So far so good.

But after each logout and reset(), a new random anonymous user id is set by Mixpanel library. So for each logout-login cycle, Mixpanel adds yet another anonymous user id to the set the user ids that identify a particular user. The API docs say that this set is limited to 500 distinct ids.

So what do we do about users that login-logout more than 500 times? It’s not hard to exceed this limit for long term loyal users.

2 replies

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@Muffaddal Qutbuddin is this something you can help with?

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@roundtree not sure about 500 distinct id limit, can you share the link to API doc?

Generally, reset on logout is only recommended when the nature of business expects multiple users to log in using the same device. Example multiple FB logins via the same desktop. 

If the same user logs in to the App most of the time, I will recommend removing reset(). Doing so will not only help to reduce the number of distinct id issue but also you can monitor users' activities on logout state.