What's the best approach to combining events?

  • 20 November 2019
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Hey guys,

Fairly simple question: I've been using Loaded a Page event to capture steps of a booking funnel using a url and then renaming it within the funnel. I noticed that there is a new beta feature called custom properties, so I thought perhaps I should implement this into my funnel instead.

I know there are more powerful ways of using this feature with excel like functions, but would you suggest creating a custom event for each step of my funnel?

For example, I can combine with to create "Sign up" custom event)


6 replies

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Hi @arshia93,

I am getting the sense that your Sign-up event comes with a URL property that sent in one secure https and another not secure http url. If this is your use case and you want to combine the url values into one, I would go with custom properties. (looks like they have a neat example under use cases on how to combine values

If you are combining two different events into one(not really focused on the properties), then custom events might be better.

Hopefully this helps you!

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The difference for me is that some users go to and some go to

Looks like custom properties would be best, but unfortunately it doesn't look like I can combine two urls into one custom property as there's no space to specify the url within the UI. I'm trying the formula as the following, but it's not working ("only got 1 argument"):


a) current url

b) current url


OR B==""

If you could tell me what's wrong with my formula that'd be great :)

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Hey guys, thought I'd follow up to see if anyone can answer my last question about the formula. Thanks and happy holidays!

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Hey @arshia93,

since it sounds like you are trying to merge the values into one, I would try out the example below (shared in Mixpanel's help article here under Merge Values to Fix Implementation Issues

Example from the article:

if("Facebook" in A or "Linkedin" in A or "Twitter" in A, "Social", A)

What I am assuming your Custom Property might look like

Event: A Sign-up

if("" in A or "" in A, "New Url", A)

^ hope this helps get you on the right path

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Hi @amanda.chalmers,

I created this for Sign in, but now it's showing up as a filter not as a standalone property/event.

My main goal is to create a easier to read funnel and flow structure so I don't have to create a "loaded page" and then filter it by url. Is this what I'm looking for or should I create a custom event where "Loaded a Page where Current URL equals or"?


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Hey @arshia93,

Didn't see your follow up. So the UI is a bit tricky but I've outline some steps below from trying it out.

First, you have to choose your event on the query builder, in your case it would be"Loaded a Page".

Second, you have to choose the three dots next to the event name and click "Add filter". This will give you the option to choose "create event property" on the dropdown. (attached screenshot on my dummy project)

Third, a pop-up should come up and then you can fill out the name of the event property, choose the event property you want to focus on under variables, which would be "current url".

Since you are trying to merge the values of Current URL of and into one URL value, the formula part I am assuming would look something like this with you

if("" in A or "" in A, "PUT NEW VALUE HERE", A)

After you have you formula set you can choose either Create or Save Permanently. Keep in mind if you chose Create, this will not save it permanently...and if you exit out the report at this stage or click refresh, you could loose your custom event. I had this happen to me this, I just save it permanently and go back and edit later if needed.

After saving it should be good to use the custom property as an event property in reports.