We wish to hire someone to implement Mixpanel for us

  • 12 October 2020
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Hello guys,
I'm from Brazil, and we have an online store here, (www.evolvee.com.br) this is our new “brand and our own project”. We heard amazing things about Mixpanel and its functions, but we don't have any programmers here to set it up. So we're looking forward to hire someone for this job.
We have signed up for the Enterprise version, just to have full access. Our website is possible to manage it by GTM or we have full access by HTML, we would like to know if someone can helping us to implement and configure all Mixpanel functions in our shop (push notifications, sending e-mail, and so on).
If so, what kind of information would be needed, and how about the price and time to complete the project?
our contato@evolvee.com.br 
Thanks everyone :)

1 reply

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@Lucas Ferreira —

If you decide to implement Mixpanel on your own, I want to share the following resources to help you get started!

  • Getting Started: A series of guides to help you as you embark on your Mixpanel journey. You can also check out our Mixpanel University.
  • Training Resources: Guided learning and video resources.
  • Help Video Library: Collection of videos to help you get more familiar with the use cases of each report and feature in Mixpanel.
  • Help Center: Our help center where you can look up any term and explore our documentation.
  • QBQ: Our community forum where you can ask questions and learn from our Education team.

I’ve shared this with our Partners here in QBQ. In the meantime, I’d encourage you to fill out this form so our team can help you find the resources you need.