UTM Parameters as People Properties

  • 9 December 2020
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Hi there,

I am using Mixpanel through Segment. From my website I trigger page views using;

and identify them using


In Segment I have

  • Use Mixpanel People - On
  • Traits & Properties - All Off
  • Automatically set all Traits as Super Properties and People Properties - On

I am getting events into Mixpanel, everything looks good, except this:

If I land on my website (from an incognito window) with UTM parameters set in the URL, that page view event will contain the right data (UTM Campaign = test for example). Then I navigate to a different page, the UTM Parameters disappear from the URL, as expected, the event sent to Mixpanel does not contain any UTM Parameters, and the user doesn’t have them set as People Properties.

I was under the impression that Mixpanel would do this automatically, did I read this wrong? Either way, how can I get the UTM data to be automatically associated with users (anonymous or logged in)?

Thanks in advance 🙂

2 replies

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Is the UTM not being captured or not being updated? By default Mixpanel captured only first touch utm. So, if you are trying it for a user who already has a utm property set, it won’t update. Do you want to capture last touch utm too?

Hi Jaya, thanks for answering!

I am ok with first touch, that’s not really the problem.

My problem is that none of my users, including my own users when I specifically try to trigger this, have UTM params on their profile (like beside email, browser, city, etc. when I look at users under the Users screen and then click on one).

Also, none of the subsequent page views in a user’s visit have the UTM params set, even though the first page in the visit did. The landing page does contain the UTM params in the URL, you can see them in Mixpanel, and they even show up nicely formatted as “UTM Campaign” as a property of the page view event. But then that data is lost on the next page views.

I am going through Segment by the way.