Unique Users shows wrong number after enabling Identity Merge

  • 26 August 2020
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I’m testing Identity Merge feature by calling `track` and `identify` methods in a following order:

track("Open App")


track("Sign In")

For this sequence everything works as expected. If i open LiveView i see that two events are actually merged to a single user and the Insight also shows correct Unique Users for this event. (Unique Users = 1)


But then it goes wrong by executing following sequence: 



track("Open App")


track("Sign In")


As far as i understand “Identity Merge” feature should map “Open App” event to the same user but it’s not happening.


If I open the LiveView i see that i have 2 different users. they have different colors and distinct_ids.

If i open the ActivityFeed, it navigates to the same page for both of these users. I assume that some kind of merge actually happened, 

but then if i open Insight for the Open App event, it shows 2 Unique Users. I would expect to have only 1 since Identity Merge should merge them as described in this docs.


Am i doing something wrong or did i misunderstood the Identity Merge feature? 




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Update: By observing the data for a while i realised that it shows correct number of unique users after a few hours.