Some UTMs missing from Mixpanel.

  • 21 October 2020
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I run a campaign on Google Ads. We generated traffic but I doesnt show up by “initial referring domain" and “refer domain" at all. it was empty. Is it because Mixpanel hasn’t updated or buggy?

1 reply

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@Hien-Docosan —

UTMs and initial referring domain are all first touch, so I would first check to make sure that you are testing it on entirely new devices/users/browsers. 

If you are interested in Last Touch, or have additional questions, here is a helpful thread.


I will add that sometimes it is the case that you see the following workflow:

Page 1: Intended Referring Domain

Page 2: Mixpanel is not initialized

Page 3: Mixpanel initializes and tracks Page 2 as the referring domain


So if you are running an Ad, make sure to check that the landing page has Mixpanel tracking, and that Mixpanel is initializing as expected (snippet should be in the HEAD of the page). Otherwise, you will loose the attribution data. 


Let me know if you have other questions!