Send tracking information to own hosted proxy server

  • 5 March 2020
  • 1 reply

We want the events to be sent to our own hosted server and not directly to MixPanel server, can we somehow configure this setup ?

1 reply

My requirement is something like this:

  • Instead of sending the tracking details directly to the MixPanel portal, I want a solution which can send them to a proxy-server first and then proxy-server can relay the information to MixPanel. I am going to use MixPanel JS SDK.

I think, setting api_host property in mixpanel.init() should do the job but I have few doubts:

  • About the implementation on the proxy-server side (to swallow the tracking requests and to relay the information to MixPanel) ?
  • About the mixpanel.track() calls?  These calls will be unchanged or we need to tweak them a little bit?

Appreciate any help, thanks.