Segment source not parsing OS and userId correctly

  • 27 August 2021
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So all my events are being passed from our mobile clients, tru Segment and sent to Mixpanel. The events are landing at the Mixpanel but the `identify` calls from iOS devices are coming with undefined in many properties.

We do get the track correctly, but the userId, OS, and other properties are not being mapped correctly.

Ideas what could be misconfigured in the Segment > Mixpanel integration?

For example:



Best answer by Moreno Antunes 28 August 2021, 02:30

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1 reply

So I opened a ticket and got help from Sam from the Mixpanel support team really fast. We figured out that for some reason the whole data is not being sent to Mixpanel, later I was able to see that the `userId` field from Segment is being converted somewhere (probably on Segment) to `Distinct Id`.

So the follow up question, can I control the flow somehow so that does not get converted?