Regional breakdown on insights shows different number between "by day" and "by hour"

  • 24 July 2020
  • 2 replies

I’m comparing events across regions from January 1 until today.  When I do a daily breakdown, I get 49 distinct regions.  When I switch to hourly, it goes down to 20 distinct regions.  Thoughts?

2 replies


To make sure I’m understanding the query you’re running, it sounds like you’re breaking down your Insights report by Date (Day/Hour) and then by Region. It sounds like when you toggle between analyzing Date by Hour and Day, you’re seeing changes in the distinct count of Regions shown in the report. If this isn’t correct, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the setup of your report? 

One tip I’d recommend is to actually use the legend bar on the right hand of the Insights report (under the Search bar) and rely on the denominator, rather than the numerator to count distinct values. By default, the UI won’t necessarily show all the values. For example, below you can see that the Insights report is only showing 24 of 53 total regions. You can certainly click the ‘select all’ button to show all 53 regions in your report. 

When I tested this myself in my own Mixpanel project, regardless of whether I was breaking down by Date (Day) or Date (Hour), my legend shows 53 regions.

I hope this helps!


Thanks, Jessica.  One of your colleagues at Mixpanel had looked into this and there was a bug on the Mixpanel side that they have since fixed, hence why it’s working for you.  :)