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  • 26 April 2021
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Is there a way to track product impressions, so how many times the products in certain part of the app or website are being seen by users?


1 reply

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Hey Gabriele,

The first question you’ll have to answer is what you define as a product impression. 

If somebody loads a funnel report in Mixpanel, for example, we track a “Viewed: Report” event with a property “report - high-level analysis type” : “Funnel” when ever the funnel report is loaded.

This then allows us to break down all “Viewed: Report” events by “report - high-level analysis type” to see which analysis products are used most amongst all analysis products.

For a website, you will probably be tracking “page loads” with ‘page names’ and ‘page urls’.  You could potentially track an additional list-property on each page that reflects ‘products on page’, so you could then breakdown “page loads” by ‘products on page’.

In short, you’ll want to track an event for each ‘impression’, and then track properties like suggested above that represent the products and parts of the website/app users are having those impressions, that way you can filter down and break down on those properties to identify frequency and popularity of those properties.