One or multiple projects for a market place / platform ?

  • 21 February 2021
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Hello Mixpanel world!

I’m currently building a marketplace / platform.

The supply side has a web app CMS/dashboard, the demand side native mobile app. And we have  also an institutional website. In short, a lot of work! 


For each side, we would like to measure sign in friction, onboarding, retention…

I would like also keep an eye on metrics for our platform as a all. For example, do we solve the chicken and egg problem?


So, should I create four different projects? Or one project with special properties?

What are pros and cons of each solution? 


Thank you! 



1 reply

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Hello @techlead Both have pros and cons. 

I will advise to use the same project for all three side because doing so you can see what’s going on in all three sides at once. You will also be able to monitor how many users are on more than one side. Basically, all in one project allows to do cross side analysis and monitoring. Separating the project per side won’t let you do cross analysis within a single report. 


However, do keep in mind that it will be comparatively hard to manage. Having project separated helps to keep things clean. Especially when you grow and you have tones of events to track.  Having 100s of events within a project makes it really hard to ensure the event quality.