Issue with aliasing and duplicate accounts

  • 11 March 2019
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Hi guys,

When people signup we use the alias() function to match their id with their current distinct id.

The issue is that the aliasing takes too long to happen. As a result we're getting back-end events and identify() calls with the user_id being sent before the aliasing happens.

This results in 2 profiles being created and it messes up our tracking entirely.

We managed to fix this by adding a 2sec delay on our on-boarding but the issue appeared again on November and is now affecting 10% of our signups with duplicated profiles.

This is becoming a serious issue. We now can't even communicate with those 10% of users since they have 2 accounts.

Do you guys have any fix on this aliasing problem? This problem has happened on 5 projects and has been lasting for 3 years now just to get worse recently.

1 reply

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Hey @Jean78! It sounds like you are having a race condition on a hybrid implementation. I usually refer to their server-side implementation article and course on identity management to help me out (more of a visual learner). Hope it helps you out too!