Is there a way to reverse a conversion funnel?

  • 20 November 2019
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At times, the funnel conversion count may not match the true conversion count. This is because there may be multiple paths to a conversion. To debug in case of this situation, I'm wondering if we can view the steps a user took to reach a conversion. I know I can go to each user and view the pages they visited, however that's really tedious.

Is there a way I can view the steps a user went through to reach the conversion? Sort of like going backwards.


5 replies

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hey @arshia93,

flows might be a better report for you to see every single step a user took, before getting to the last step of your "funnel".

I use the flows report to see common (and maybe not so common) steps a user might take to get to our final purchase event. I do this by setting up flows report with and ending path of purchasing a song(attached an image fore this). There is also a section to see top paths (in a funnels view) users take to get to the last anchored step you chose.

Also wanted to share their help article on flows just in case you want to dig deeper into the report!

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Thank you @taliabrown, I can't believe I didn't think about that!

For my flow, the steps are mostly Loaded a Page , how can I view the actual url of the loaded page using the flow? Typically, in other areas such as funnel, I filter each Loaded a Page step by current url, but here I'm not seeing that option.

Btw I have a different thread here, where I'm trying to create a custom property, so I'm hoping that would eventually help me. Thanks for your help!

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Hey guys, thought I'd follow up to see if anyone can answer my last question. Thanks :)

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@arshia93 I believe you can see the current URL of an event by clicking on the +Add button under the "EXPAND EVENTS BY PROPERTY" section- I attached a screenshot to help you out. If you select the property of Current URL, it should pop up the current url event property for the event selected 🙂

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Thank you @taliabrown, that helps I went with "loaded a page by current url"!

I'm trying to create a event by combining each url address ( with that way they can both be tracked in a less messy manner. Do you think using custom property or custom event would be help here?