Is there a way to combine project data from two separate projects in Mixpanel?

  • 25 September 2018
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hello. We have a project with a bunch of irrelevant events right now, so we started a new project. However, we're still interested in the data from the old events ... is there a way to combine my projects?


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8 replies

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Hi @dianneb. Found this article in their help center:

Looks like you would have to export your data from the old project, import it into the new project, and stop sending data to the old one.

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Hi @dianneb,

Mixpanel is currently working on a feature called "Rollup Projects" allowing to create a new project combining data of multiple projects. I think it does exactly what you need, without any effort ! The beta is already on going so it shouldn't be too long before a release.

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This sounded awesome - checked with Support. Apparently it's only a feature for Enterprise customers. Sigh

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This is a great news 🙂 I have a use case for this feature.

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Hi Everyone, 

We made the product decision to not move rollup projects past the beta stage, that being said we are still working on the best approach to resolve situations like these so I encourage you to share your ideas and specific use-cases with us in our Ideas Category


Every idea that you submit is shared with our Product Managers, and it helps us make informed decisions around the features that we ship. Additionally, when you share your ideas, we may contact you to join betas early if we know that it will meet your needs!


Please let me know if you have any questions,


Hi there!


I wanna know if there is a solution to this idea. Any?



hey! +1 to seeing events from one project in another - concrete case is we have several products in the company and we would like to calculate live correlations between events seen in one and in the other

We definitely would have loved the rollup projects feature, this would be very helpful as we have call-to-actions from products housed in separate products and are hoping for a similar solution soon.