Is there a difference between filtering and breaking down retention report?

  • 2 February 2021
  • 2 replies

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Hey guys, I’m getting two different retention rates when filtering or breaking down an event. They are both the same people property. Any clue why this may be the case? Thanks

2 replies

I think the retention reports using filters are correct but the reports using breakdowns are incorrect. The report using breakdown calculates the retention for a given month = (number of users that performed event B in given number of months after event A) / (total number of users who performed event A). The numerator is correct here but the denominator is wrong as it includes users who performed event A but the given number of months haven’t passed yet to see if they perform event B. This means the retention curve is a severe underestimate of the true retention curve. This is a pretty bad mixpanel bug and from other posts on this forum I see mixpanel have been told about it quite some time ago but they still haven’t fixed it. The breakdown feature would be really useful to me as well 😞. Mixpanel please fix it!

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Thank you @matty , are you certain of this?

It’d be nice to have confirmation on this from Mixpanel as well (if they read these)