Is it possible to create a cohort based on time of day?

  • 26 November 2019
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Hi everyone!

Do you know if it's possible to create a cohort based on when users are more likely to use the app? E.g. Cohort of users who use the app more frequently from 9pm to midnight?


2 replies

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Hey @francesca,

Looking at their docs for creating a cohort (also testing out on my own project) it does not look like you can select a specific time for a cohort ( Users who did X event between 9pm - 12 am on December 9th). I am curious to know what your use case if for this? maybe I can help by knowing more...

The reason I ask for your use case is because if you can create a Cohort of users who did App Install in the specific day (attached a screenshot). Then you can use this cohort in the Insights report to possibly get some more insights. You can also create cohorts of the Funnels and Retention reports, you can read more on it here


Thank you @dianneb!

The reason why I was trying to create these types of cohorts is that I would like to send personalised push notifications for people who use the app in the morning vs people who use the app in the evening.

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately it really seems like it's not possible to do this.