Identity Management Issue

  • 25 November 2021
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We are having some issue in managing identity. Mixpanel is creating two profile of one user. Here is scenario


Fresh user comes on our app, unique id is generated and set as identity.
We record some events as user proceeds on various screen.
After that User signup, We are setting Alias with email id.

mixpanelAPI.alias(myId, mixpanelAPI.getDistinctId());

User goes through various screen and we trigger events.


Now, same user installs fresh app, pre-login time, we are recording events, once user login we are setting identity as email_id


but after login post login events are mapping with old profile but prelogin events are mapped with new or anonymous profile.


Please guide us how to manage this scenario.  




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Hello @ashishkhandelwal , We new identity merge functionality you don’t have to call Alias, just call identify whenever you get the email. Alias had the issue you are facing, it would miss event pre-login. 

Read here for more details: