Identity management across multiple systems

  • 29 May 2021
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We currently have mixpanel running for all users that are signed in to our product. I would like to now add in events from some of our operational support products. I was going to use the Zapier Integration but I’m stuck on something and figured someone here has come across a similar issue.

Our mixpanel distinct_id is our product’s distinct_id (randomly generated example - 03d24b34-a19a-426c-bb2a-8cbe66b42596). A user also has a user property of name which equates to their login name, 95% of the time this is the email. (We are moving all users to email addresses within the next 2 months.) We did not want to use the login name as the distinct_id because we believed it coudl change over time versus the system generated uuid.

If I want to bring in events from our support system, the email is the known piece of information. Our support system does not have the distinct_id information for the user.

Is there a way for me to connect an event from our support system, based on the email address, to an existing user profile? Would alias or merge do this for us where there is an email match?

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Hello @jenamiles , you can send the events from support system using the id that was used to identify the user in Mixpanel. So if the user was identified using email address then just use email as distinct id in your call from support system.