Identifying woocommerce users on mixpanel

  • 4 June 2019
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We are trying to track user activity from our woocommerce site on mixpanel. Now, after integrating, the only thing we notice in the request on mixpanel is distinctid but that is not a unique identifier to specific user on our woocommerce browsing the site from different devices or locations. Is there a better way to identify a user on mixpanel regardless of the device or location they use ?

1 reply

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Badge I am not sure if Mixpanel has official documentation on integrating WooCommerce and I am not too familiar with it. I was able to do a google search and found that WooCommerce does have documentation on integrating Mixpanel here . It looks like they talk in more details on how to add properties to events and when people information is captured at checkout. Hope this helps!