identify parameter, distinct id or email?

  • 2 October 2020
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hi I am very confused with this, can someone please enlighten me.

for example I alias my users with their email



if I am going to identify them should I use email or the distinct id?

mixpanel.identify(email) or mixpanel.identify(mixpanel.get_distinct_id())

also if my user changes email address, should I call alias again like this?


4 replies

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Hello @jmdmacapagal ,

Depending on your usage, alias is not needed anymore. 

Are you able to get an backend user id instead of an email? There a better because they never change.

why is it alias is not needed? I thought it is needed to get anonymousId aligned to the user so we can track them if they logged in using another device.


I am doing alias and identify btw on the front-end so I always tend to use the email


so aliasing a user with their database id is much better?




sorry, user management is really confusing for me

anyone can add to this?

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With the new identify manager alias is no longer needed. They will do the link between random user id and your identify id.

Email are not best ID because they can change, user ID never. If your product won’t never have a “update my email” feature, you can use email. Also, think to sign-up with a second email. You would have 2 emails for same user id.