How to escape values like " in custom property function parameters?

  • 21 October 2021
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We are attaching an attribute to our events that can contain runtime data in which we cannot control the structure beforehand. It is an attribute called custom_data which contains data from various sources dynamically combined into a JSON object. For basic insights reports it is possible to use the “CONTAINS” operator to search for the presence of a value and build custom events based on that.


A sample for the value for the attribute “c_data” could be:




For some reports we would like to extract certain attributes and values using the Custom property functionality. However it is not possible to parse the regex into the function as it contains the quotation mark which breaks the syntax of the function editor. Is there a way to escape the input so that i can pass the quotation mark into the function?


I did not find anything in the documentation to do this and the naive approach to use “\” does not work. Can you help me here?


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