How to bulk migrate profiles/events when my metrics changes?

  • 18 December 2020
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Hello everybody,

In my case, as my product changes, I want to migrate (add, update, delete) properties of profiles and event, so that I can keep my reports correct.
For example:
-  delete property “Hair Color” in all user profiles
-  add property “Eye Color” to all user profiles
-  rename property “Educatn” to “Education” in all user profiles
-  similar cases to all events

Is there anyway I can achieve the migration?

Thank you for your time 

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@tu-nguyen -


If these properties are stored on the user profile, you can update them via our Engage API, although you will need to customize which profiles you target for the update. 


To change the event names, I wonder if Lexicon would be a helpful resource for you — as your property names evolve, you can use Lexicon to edit and merge them along the way to keep your reporting clean.