How do I setup/run server side experiments in Mixpanel if I am using Optimizely Rollout's feature flags?

  • 16 January 2021
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Optimizely’s documentation on viewing optimizelt data in mixpanel is specific to a campaign or experiment

The problem is that with Optimizely Rollouts you don’t get campaigns and you only get one experiment. I’d like to run several simultaneously.


As far as I understand there is no support for a javascript integration to the current optmizely SDk 


To get the experiment data to show up in a mixpanel experiment I need to understand which variant optimizely has decided to bucket people in. Then I can just manually instrument the experiment in Mixpanel like so


In this related post  @shawnbarrett  suggests that you can just run a random number generator to assign users with a 50/50 split.


I’m not clear on how an assignment will persist though. If a user get placed in the even bucket, won’t teh random number get generated in the next session and they may get moved to a different variant? I’d really like to try this for 50/50 splits but I am unclear how this would work. Any more details on the practical implementation/examples would be super helpful.


In situation where it is not a 50/50 split the random number approach breaks down completely. What I need is a way to understand which variant optimizely has decided to bucket people into. What is the best way to get these two tools to communicate with each other in a web app?

Any feedback or guidance much appreciated.

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