How delete user profile from Mixpanel?

  • 10 June 2022
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Hi.  I try to delete end  user profile with API( But I get response {"error":"data, missing or empty","status":0}. I try with different $distinct_ID, but always I get same response. Why?


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Hi Lurri,

Are you calling the API directly from Does it work for you via the UI?

Do verify if you are sending the JSON payload to Mixpanel as a data query parameter(not request body).


curl --location --request POST '' \--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \--data 'data=xxyour_token%xxx'


Hope this helps.

Hi, Linyee. Yes, I use code from I integrate request in my Swift App,  and get response: {"error":"data, missing or empty","status":0}.  I repeat request with Postman use same parametres (POST, Parameters($token: token APP, $distinc-id: distinc-id , $delete: null, $ignore_alias:False, verbose:1) and get same response. URL Postman:$token=tokenAPP$distinct_id=distincID&$delete=null&$ignore_alias=false&verbose=1#profile-delete

I can delete user profile via UI.

Thank you.

I found mistake in my request. Thanks.

But, I cant delete user profile via API in App. I get response 200 (0). When I use web interface, i can delete user profile. But if I use same code, user don’t remove. Why is this happening? I use SWIFT.

I solved, Thanks.