How can I segement my retention by Power users vs Casual users?

  • 19 May 2022
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Trying to understand if there is a difference in retenion for power users vs casual users. 

I'm specifically interested in seeing how power vs casual users retention differs for each specific month

i.e. Lets say that power users are users that have done an event 10 times and casual users are ones that have done an event less than 5 times

So what I would like to see is how users who entered a retention cohort i.e. November 2021 are retained based on whether or not they managed to do the event X or Y times in the month that they entered 

If I try to do that in Cohorts, the only option I have is setting a rolling 30 day period, but I have a feeling that the cohort is created based on the current date and not the date bucket for the retention period

Any ideas how I could achieve this?



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So cohorts is exactly the way to go and they are basically showing you the number of users that entered the cohort in the period that you choose.

If you have any specific questions on something you expect to see differently feel free to ask