Getting Started with Mixpanel: Implementation 101 (Q&A)

  • 15 April 2021
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So, we all gathered for an hour with Matt Smith Senior CSM at Mixpanel to understand more about implementation, best practices and different approaches.

Let’s continue the conversation so we can support you implement successfully with Mixpanel. We’ve added some questions, answers and resources below for you to enjoy. If you don’t see the answer you need already, add it to the discussion!

We’re here and ready to help as a community :-)

Can I implement mixpanel and receive events without setting up a data pipeline?

Yes, the only reason why you wouldn’t is if all your data was in a warehouse and you had no way of accessing your app. Elena has linked all the resources in the first comment.

How to deal with identity management. What are the best practices in identifying users

This is hard to advise without too much context but we have our best practices noted here.

How to track attribution with Mixpanel

Mixpanel tracks web attribution out-of-the-box when you implement the UTM tags. For mobile attribution you will need to use another tool, we have integrations here.

Our Mixpanel events are a little messy & all over the place, it's hard to trust the data that comes out of it, know which events to select…

I’ve attached our Mixpanel Health Check which should help you walk through and tidy your implementation. If you have any questions drop them in the thread below or write into support.

Should uninstalls be tracked as events or on the user profile, or both?

Ideally both. If you have a specific event that is the uninstall you can track this but you can also track a user property that confirms the “status” of a user, this can also be tracked as an event property. Between both types of property you will be able to query the historic as well as present status’.

p.s. We also have some ideas for tracking mobile uninstalls here if you don’t have a specific event.

What kind of legal agreements would Mixpanel be happy with, around data ownership? Data we plan to collect will be highly confidential / IP protected - what kind of assurances can Mixpanel provide for us?

We have documents detailing everything from GDPR, EU data residency, PII and more here.

Can I find out if & how extensively people in my team are using Mixpanel?

Yes! If you are the admin or owner on the account you can access the Mixpanel Usage page here and see team engagement for the past 12 weeks, top reports, top users etc.

We have website and app that don't have the exact same functionalities. Should we create two projects or one?
Create one project and then use your naming conventions and/or tags to differentiate. You can find out more about doing this in your implementation and lexicon here.

As a SaaS company with multiple company environments - what's the best way to filter between companies?

You are able to track event and user properties which confirm the company when analysing at a user level, however if you want to analysis at a company level you can use Group Analytics to add that option. We have a B2B SaaS demo which has Group Analytics enabled for you to test. 

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Hi everyone!

Thanks to those of you who joined us at today’s session, and for those who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you in the next one :)

We know we covered a lot of ground, so here's a recap of all the resources discussed:


Implementation resources


Tracking plan resources

  1. Retail & e-commerce
  2. Media & entertainment
  3. SaaS
  4. Financial Services