Events triggered before identifying users that already signed up is leading to many people profiles that are useless

  • 18 December 2018
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I am having an issue with People profiles.

The issue:

When a user signs up in my app, I follow the Mixpanel identity management to alias the user and identify later on when the user logs on. However, if the user logs in from a different device, there will be few events that the user will trigger before been identified using "identify()". that are not associated with either his/her profile.

At this point, Mixpanel creates a new People profile and associate these events with the user. Nevertheless, once the user is identified, things go back to normal.

Please notice the red box in the first screenshot I attached here. These are the events that are triggered before identifying the user on the new device. Also, please note the profiles with the empty names that are marked by the red box in the second screenshots. Again, these profiles have been created by Mixpanel to associate the events that were triggered by the user before identifying him/her.

Is there anyway we can avoid this scenario from happening?


2 replies

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Check out this question -

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Badge if a user performs events on a different device if you identify on the same value that you've aliased on, their events should be tied to the same profile that was made previously.