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  • 22 July 2020
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Hi Guys,

May somebody could help me with this simple question: what properties does event have? Does it have id (not distinct_id)?

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Event Properties does have Distinct ID, but it is not selectable by default. If you’re trying to surface a particular user events in Insight for example, we now provide a one-click to select that User using its Distinct ID in Insights



THIS article provide a good starting point for understanding what other properties can be part of an event

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@sergiyz —

Depending on the SDK you are using, the default event properties would be different. Here is a list of all client side properties that are tracked by default with our client side SDKs. For our server-side integrations, you will need to define all event properties. 

If you are using javascript for example, you will see the following IDs:

  • Device ID ($device_id) - A unique string that identifies a user before an authentication or identification flow. By default, Mixpanel's client-side SDKs generate a $device_id for every unique browser or device. If using a client-side SDK, the $device_id is an event property that won't need any additional work. The $device_id does not change on the same device.  
  • User ID ($user_id) -  A unique ID that mixpanel.identify() sets. The $user_id value should be constant. Values that change makes it more difficult to track users. mixpanel.identify() does not work with server-side implementations. As a result you must set $user_id directly to work in server-side implementations.

Hope this helps!