Duplicate Event Trigger

  • 15 October 2020
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Hi, I have duplicate events being triggered, I dont know why this happens and I am sure that I have no duplicate snippets on my code base, Is there anyone who can point out a work around for this? I read the similar post regarding duplicate events but I think mine is different.

all of this 87 Page load events have the same properties, this occur on homepage page load event


1 reply

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Hey @jmdmacapagal —

That behavior is not uncommon if an event is delivered multiple times — this is usually the cause of pages/triggers that refresh consistently — not necessarily a secondary snippet. 


You can confirm that these are duplicate events if you unfold them in Live view or the activity feed — what you want to look for is whether the events are identical everywhere, for all properties, except for "mp_processing_time_ms" property.

The default property, mp_processing_time_ms is the timestamp of when Mixpanel received the event. If other properties, such as time are different, then Mixpanel will ingest them as separate events.


This could also happen due to brief network unavailability or issues of similar nature. When this occurs, it is likely that you will see an event multiple times in Liveview, because it displays everything that we’ve received but then it will be deduplicated by our database. Our SDKs are designed to  retry the delivery of these events, which is why we deduplicate at the end of the day on the backend. So if you notice that are duplicate in Liveview, don’t be alarmed if you see them only once in all data analysis reports.