Change some "not set" property value from old events, to get filter working properly

  • 19 January 2021
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Hi everybody!

So, here's the thing.

We have two different apps and everything on the same project.

Application A implemented a new property, but application B app haven't done it yet. Now, B is going to fix it's bad manners.

So, the actual state is like this:

A -> BKOOL_PRODUCT = "BKOOL fitness"
B -> BKOOL_PRODUCT = not set

And, the final state we want would be like this:

A -> BKOOL_PRODUCT = "BKOOL fitness"

In order to have all the data in a good shape, we want to associate all those 'not set' old values coming from older B, now that we are updating it, so they can become "BKOOL Cycling", instead of 'not set'.

This will allow us to get all our reports and insights working as intended, without needing changes…

How could this be done? Is it a good approach? Or maybe there is some standard path to follow in cases like this?


Greetings people! 


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