apply filters externally on insights exported data

  • 29 June 2021
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Hello guys, 

I’m looking for a way to apply filters on  exported graph’s data 

I’m using mixPanel API to export insight’s data, i can export the graph just how it is saved in a report , but I don’t know if there’s an other api to apply filters externally of Mixpanel.


I have a pie that shows total submissions of all form events ( the saved submissions and the submitted ones)


I exported the graph how it is in a project and i wanna create an input so the user enters a form name or  Id and  show saved and submitted apply forms of that specific event .


is there any way to do that ,



2 replies

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@nataliak is this something you can advise on?

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@Outliant @Filip Nedelkovski @robin Is this something you can advise on?