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Apple App Privacy Questionnaire

  • 27 November 2020
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On December 8th Apple is mandating that new apps and app updates must complete the detailed App Privacy questionnaire as part of the submission.

Given the level of detail in the questionnaire is Mixpanel planning to publish a detailed guide on how the data collected using the Mixpanel API is used rather than each customer having to try and determine out the inner workings of your SDK themselves?

Useful information would include:

  • which unique identifiers are used and when (IFA, IFV etc.)
  • is any information collected by Mixpanel across products from different companies linked in any way? e.g. Identifying a user of one app from one company as the same user of another app by another company?

I think I know the answers for both but it would be good to see this confirmed in a transparent post in order to answer this new questionnaire in confidence.





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There is a resource linked in this thread! 


@cherise I’ve read that thread, but like the comments in that thread, I’m unaware of how to fill out the questionnaire when trying to submit our app. Let’s me get a bit more specific:

If I only use Mixpanel to track users’ information (and I do update their people information), can I check off no to this question? I’m assuming I have to choose “Yes” because what Mixpanel collects out of the box would satisfy the “collect” constraints, correct?


If I have to choose “Yes”, doesn’t that mean that I will need to show the tracking modal to our users?


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@merveen is this something you can help with?

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Hi ,


Happy to help clarify!

Our legal and engineering team have put together the attached document which should sufficiently be able to provide all the info regarding Apple's questionnaire. 




Mixpanel puts developers and product owners in control by allowing them to select which data elements are sent to Mixpanel for processing. While Mixpanel's software development kits (SDKs) come with some pre-configured options, customers are free to remove those options and tailor the SDKs to fit their needs. 


Mixpanel does not engage in "tracking," as defined by Apple. While each Mixpanel customer is empowered to configure Mixpanel's SDKs how they see fit, that configuration generally does not allow customers to combine their data with third-party data and is generally not used for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes or for sharing data with data brokers. This means that you can select no to the question.


I hope this helps and do let me know if you have any additional questions.


All the best,