After ID merge enabled , i am seeing lots of anonymous profile

  • 31 August 2020
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Hi All,

i am facing a issue after enabled ID merge. some of user profile creating with out user data,  

From beginning itself i am using custom distinct_id. now some of events are not merging with respected profile. instead its creating own profile and showing below error on profile:

I am using unity SDK.


Failure Description

$anon_distinct_id 2642e1b9-60b9-4a6c-9a0d-0f094a2e7270 already identified

Failure Reason


Thanks In Advance.



2 replies

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@stealthzco —

I can see that you are working with our support team, but for anyone experiencing a similar issue, I hope this helps point you in the right direction!

The errAnonDistinctIdAssignedAlready error is one that is seen when using our identify() method.  This error means that the distinct_id you are trying to identify to has already been assigned to another identity cluster.  It is a safe guard on the identify method to prevent activity from different users on the same device from being tracked as that of one user.

In the case of identify, Mixpanel will look at the anonymous distinct_id  to see if it is associated with anything else.  If that anonymous distinct is, then the identified and anonymous ids will not be linked and the errAnonDistinctIdAssignedAlready error will be listed as the failure reason.  The logic for when identify will fail and succeed can be seen here.

In the case that you did want to merge these users events into that of a single user, the other identity management tools, alias and the $merge event could help.  They do not have the same safeguards in place so you will want to be careful before using them as it could result in unwanted merges of user activity.  The doc linked above has more information on these events as well.

Hopefully this helps clear things up!

The logic for when identify will fail and succeed can be seen here.

That link is broken.

Can you clarify, in the case of $identify, is the $anon_id or $identified_id supposed to be the user id? The other would be the device id.