ACTIVITY FEED do not show all the pre-identify event after ID_merge.

ACTIVITY FEED do not show all the pre-identify event after distinct_id and our account_id were already merged.

we implement it depending on

  • sign-up: call alias from server-side
  • login: call identify from client-side
  • logout or sign-out: call reset from client-side

I figured out pre-identify events on the EVENT board are merged into one distinct_id (in the case, our account_id)  after calling identify, which is the right way.

When I clicked distinct_id, however, pre-identify events do not show on the ACTIVITY FEED.

(EVENT link:'in*20the*20last~window~[…]faultType~'string))~showQueryBuilder~true))
(ACTIVITY FEED link:[…]0the*20last~window~(value~30~unit~'week))))


Event list filtered by distinct_id
Activity Feed of user

I didnt find any failure_reason for each event and it didnt update yet though 12 hours went by which seems to happen frequently.
Can you guess what's the reason for this situation ?
Thanks :)


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Hi @jaekyung you,

Looking into the screenshots, it looks like you have ID merge enabled.

I would recommend going through the blog which talks about best practices and also this should solve your pre and post authentication journey concerns.

Thank you,.

P.S.: I would not recommend sharing your project links on community :) 



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Im looking at the links and it looks like its exactly the same. What exactly are you missing?