We increased MAU x10, Sign-ups 15%, and Retention Rates 30% using Mixpanel.


Hello everyone, 

I wanted to share the experience of how we managed to leverage Mixpanel for an AI-driven digital food assistant and sky-rocket the numbers by using Mixpanel’s Insights, Funnels, and Flows. 

We were working on a digital transformation for a well-known Swedish media publisher IMP for today’s digital world, focusing on Millennials as a target group in an already saturated market. We created an app that uses advanced image recognition and machine learning to provide the best recipe choices based on the everyday routines and habits of millennials.

And even though the acquisition was going strong, PixFood was having challenges with retaining its new users. It was clear that we need to do the following things to improve our product:

  1. Analyzing current flow followed by a Marketing funnel.  
  2. Finding relevant data for current users. 
  3. Defining the pain points and main drop-offs.   
  4. Finding the exact pain point in each step of the funnel. 
  5. Creating suggestions and drafts created by indicators from the drop-offs/pain points.

By creating the possible scenarios with Mixpanel’s Insights, Funnels, Flows, we had a clear picture of what’s happening in the app. This provided us with the data and with the right insights to start making data-driven decisions.  

If you are interested in how we did it and how we created a completely different flow analyzing the Mixpanel data please, check out this article -  “How PixFood Improved the Conversion Rates, Increased Retention and Decreased Churn Rate Using Mixpanel’s Insights, Funnels & Flows!” where we describe the process in details. 

I wanted to share this article to help this community better understand the power of product analytics and help you define your pain points and drop-offs in your product. 

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