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  • 11 January 2021
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Reflecting on the history of community here at Mixpanel, 2021 is all about appreciating what we have and enjoying small things. To do that, we created a space for our QBQ family to come together and share more Mixpanel Moments.

:star: This space is designed to inspire others, and share sparks of joy  :star:

Tell us when you experience a win! And let’s be clear, this space does not always have to be about Mixpanel — we want to hear about how data democratization helped your team, or why you invest in your product analytics. 

To kick off this new space, create a new post and answer the following questions!

  1. In a few sentences, can you describe how your company and/or teams use Mixpanel? Which teams/roles use Mixpanel? What features do you use most? What are the main KPIs your team tracks?
  2. What challenges are you trying to solve using Mixpanel? What goals are you trying to achieve?
  3. Has any discovery you made on Mixpanel surprised you in any way? Why?

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