React native not tracking on iOS

  • 30 September 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi there. I successfully implemented mixpanel on a react native project. It works on android.

I can build without error on iOS but nothing is showing on mixpanel.

I tried to implement the workaround (bridge-header ) even if i didn’t have any trouble with building the project, but still nothing. Logged is enabled and seems correct:

MixpanelInstance.swift - func loggingEnabled] (info) - Logging Enabled

[Mixpanel - MPDB.swift - func insertRow(_:data:flag:)] (info) - Successfully inserted row into table mixpanel_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_events


Can you help me ?

2 replies

Randomly i see 

[Mixpanel - MPDB.swift - func deleteRows(_:ids:)] (info) - Succesfully deleted rows from table mixpanel_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_events

Not sure why i get Deleted now. I can see some logs, but not always.

My implementations is very standard. 

new instance with token.


simple track, (followed now with a flush )

Last, but not least, in iOS i don’t see the FirstAppOpen event.