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Navigating categories and subcategories

  • 10 January 2020
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Navigating categories and subcategories
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Categories are spaces where you can ask for help, share your knowledge, and vote on your favorite questions and answers. 



It’s easy to browse the stack of previous questions and view the “best answer” as chosen by the Community. If your problem hasn’t been solved yet, simply post your question and wait for the experts to chime in.

See "How to ask a question" | See "How to interact with a question"


Subcategories are specific topics that are nested under each categories. Here is where we can be specific with our questions, ideas, or topics.

Here is the breakdown of the categories in the Community:

  • Welcome to Our Community - Get started in the Q.B.Q, the Mixpanel community

    • Announcements- Hear the latest about upcoming events, new product releases, and general announcements.

    • Community Settings & Guidelines - Have a question about QBQ? Want to get more out of our community? Take a look at this sub category!

    • The Lounge - Interested in having a chat about something off topic? Discuss it here.

  • Implementing Mixpanel - Everything you need to know about managing data in and out of Mixpanel

    • Strategy and Planning - Do you have questions about tracking plans, event naming, or revisiting your implementation? Ask here! 

    • Data Management - Share your questions about Lexicon, Identity Management, etc!

    • Sending data to Mixpanel - Wondering how to send data to Mixpanel via our SDKs, APIs (import, track), Data Pipelines, Zapier, Segment, etc? Ask it here!

    • Pulling data out of Mixpanel - Are you using Data Pipelines, Zapier, APIs, etc to pull your data out of Mixpanel? Ask here!

  • Ask, Learn, and Share - Get inspired, ask questions about our product and share best practices

    • Building Analysis Reports - Have a question about any Mixpanel report? Ask it here!

    • Messages - Take action on your data with Mixpanel Messages! Have a question? Share it here!

  • Innovation - Share your Idea here!

    • Submit an idea - Suggest new ideas for Mixpanel and vote on your favorites.

  • Mixpanel Admin -  Having trouble with your Mixpanel account, settings, and billing?

    • Admin and Settings -  Having trouble with Mixpanel billing, project, or account settings? Share your questions here — just remember to remove any personal account information. 


Tip: posting your question in the right category increases your chances of getting an answer quickly.

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