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  • 17 March 2020
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On March 16th, we announced that we are changing the way that you log into QBQ with Single Sign On.

Why did Mixpanel make this Change?
We brought SSO to the Mixpanel Community to make it easier for you to move between your Mixpanel reports and asking questions in QBQ — with this change, you will no longer need to log into both accounts separately.


But now I am logged out. What should I do?

If you registered for QBQ with a different email than the one you use to sign into Mixpanel, you will be blocked from accessing your QBQ account. To update your QBQ account, email from your QBQ email, and tell us the email that you use to sign into Mixpanel so you do not get blocked.


How do I update my email for my QBQ account?

Send an email to from the email you used to register for the Mixpanel Community, QBQ.

Include the following message in the body of your email:

Update my QBQ email to: [insert email associated with your Mixpanel account]


I don’t remember which email I registered with, how can I check?

Use the Forgot Password module to trigger a message to your QBQ associated email address.

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